President Eskelund Meets Vice Governor of Liaoning

2024-05-21 | Shenyang

President Eskelund Meets Vice Governor of Liaoning

On 21st May 2024, Jens Eskelund, president of the European Chamber, led a delegation of member companies from the Chamber’s Shenyang Chapter to meet Jin Guowei, vice governor of Liaoning Province, and senior leaders of provincial departments.

Jin expressed his gratitude for the delegation’s visit and noted that the European Chamber, as an organisation representing foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs), has played a significant and positive role in recent years in promoting communication between the government and businesses, addressing corporate concerns and encouraging investment in the Northeast region.

Eskelund noted that, according to the Chamber's recently released Business Confidence Survey, members in Liaoning view the region's strategic position as a key trade and logistics hub as a major factor attracting foreign investment. Additionally, the recent series of favourable policies announced by the Liaoning and Shenyang governments to encourage foreign investment have sent positive signals to local members. Eskelund said that the Chamber will continue to serve as a bridge for communication between the government and businesses.

During the subsequent lunch discussion, representatives from both sides exchanged views on various topics, including China-European Union (EU) trade relations, sustainable development, financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises, stable energy supplies for foreign businesses, and how to attract more young Europeans to study in China to enhance China-EU exchanges.