European Chamber Heating Desk Meeting with the Beijing Environment Bureau/BCEMA/Beijing Gas on Heating Appliance

2024-01-30 | Beijing

European Chamber Heating Desk Meeting with the Beijing Environment Bureau/BCEMA/Beijing Gas on Heating Appliance

In December 2022, Beijing launched a carbon reduction plan for civil buildings, which stipulated a gas heating policy, including the renovation of existing wall-hung boilers. New projects will no longer promote wall-mounted boiler heating and existing ones will be renovated and replaced. On January 17th, 2023, a list of prohibited building materials was released in Beijing, prohibiting the use of wall-hung boilers below level 2. It will be implemented on March 1st, 2024. Gas heating, prohibiting air source heat pumps below level 3; Non-variable frequency and two-stage combustion burners are prohibited for large boilers; Must use gas wall-hung boilers with level 1 energy efficiency and level 5 emissions (technical standard); The next step is for the urban management committee to provide suggestions on bidding and standards, which will be timelier and more effective. 

The Heating Working Group of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (European Chamber ECHI) exchanged views with the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureaus on the promotion of wall-hung boilers in the Beijing area and drafted topics which were submitted to the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau. The basic policies have been clarified, and the Heating member needs to consider how these measures will be implemented. The discussion is divided into four topics and continues for 3 hours.

1.       What good ideas and suggestions do enterprises have, and how can they leverage the green replacement and renovation of over 800,000 old wall-hung boilers in Beijing? What can our company do to cooperate with the government?

2.       How to reduce and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents when a large number of wall-hung boilers that have exceeded their warranty period are used in the city of Beijing? What are the good measures for production and sales enterprises, and what suggestions do they have for the relevant government management departments?

3.       The rural coal-to-gas conversion equipment is about to enter the replacement period, and there will be exchanges on the use of the equipment in the early stage, the reactions of rural users, and other aspects. What are the suggestions and ideas on how to implement the secondary replacement task?

4.       The building heat source in the same latitude city of Beijing in Europe today, right? What are the thermal design indicators on the heat source side and what are they? Provide some data that Beijing can refer to.