European Chamber Vice President Massimo Bagnasco attended the 11th Brand Agriculture Development International Symposium in Pujiang

2023-12-03 | Southwest China

European Chamber Vice President Massimo Bagnasco attended the 11th Brand Agriculture Development International Symposium in Pujiang

On 3rd December, the 11th Brand Agriculture Development International Symposium was held in Pujiang which was organised by China Good Agri-products Development and Service Association (CGAPA) with National, provincial, municipal and local authorities.

On behalf of European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, Massimo Bagnasco, Vice President, European Chamber made a speech at the Opening Ceremony to share the ongoing cooperation further contribution our members can provide.


The EU-China Agreement on Geographical Indications entered into force in March 2021, marking the first large-scale bilateral recognition of GIs between EU and China.


By ensuring that goods, both Chinese and European, receive a high level of protection in each other's market, this marks a huge step forward for producers and consumers of GI products on both sides.


Anyhow we still have a long path to go, not just in term of number of products to be added but also because we still have challenges to be solved.

1. Firstly, there are issues when it comes to the registration and administration of overseas producers of imported food products to China.

2. Second, for some industries, GI related rules remain overly prohibitive.

3. Third, there remains a lack of coordination among different stakeholders when it comes to the revision of certain general rules related to GI products.

In the dynamic landscape of agriculture technology, the EU and China have fostered partnerships between startups, researchers, and established enterprises.

These collaborations not only drive economic growth but also propel us towards a more resilient and adaptive agricultural future.


Beyond technological advancements, our collaboration extends to knowledge exchange programs. The EU and China have facilitated the exchange of agricultural experts, researchers, and professionals.

By nurturing the next generation of agricultural innovators, we lay the groundwork for sustained progress, ensuring that our advancements in technology & innovation benefit farmers and communities on a global scale.


The European typical approach, aiming to the protection and development of food-producing regions, such as villages, has many intersections with China rural revitalization policy.

Both emphasize the preservation and transmission of local food culture, traditional methods, and historical folklore.


We navigate this frontier of digitalization and intelligence where European Companies stand united with China in our commitment to forging an agricultural landscape that is not only productive and resilient but also sustainable and inclusive.