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2020-07-27 | Nanjing

Human Resources

As China opens to the world, foreign talent plays an important role in the development of the export-orientated economy of China. The country’s foreign talent policy has also been changing as time passes. Famous for its manufacturing industry, Jiangsu Province has been home to many European firms and foreign employees. However, for a long time, the rather outdated foreign talent policy has limited the mobilisation of foreign employees.

The European Chamber has been a voice advocating for foreign enterprises, and providing suggestions for more open and flexible talent policies. In order to help member companies with their issues in hiring foreign employees, since 2015, the European Chamber Nanjing Chapter has organised activities aimed at advocating for improvements to foreign talent policy, and has been in touch with the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Jiangsu Foreign Experts Bureau, the Jiangsu Exit-Entry Administration Bureau and other relevant local departments. 

Through the continuous efforts of the Chamber, some policies on foreign talent have been optimised to a certain extent, in the South Jiangsu National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, life trajectory of many foreign employees has been altered. The European Chamber is pleased to see the determination and actions of Jiangsu Province to optimise foreign talent policies.

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