EURObiz Magazine - July/August 2023


The European Chamber continues to emphasise that the majority of its members are ‘in China, for China’. Current geopolitical tensions and self-sufficiency drives may have cast gloom on the outlook for this approach, but as Ursula von der Leyen said, Europe wants to ‘de-risk’, not ‘decouple’, from China. The July/August 2023 issue of EURObiz looks at what being ‘in China, for China’ means, and how this strategy may need to evolve if the trend towards derisking evolves.

Other topics covered in this issue include:

  • Interpretation of China’s Measures of CBDT Security Assessment
  • China’s Dairy Sector: Market, technical requirements and opportunities, for EU producers
  • ESG Management: Compliance and opportunities for European enterprises in China
  • Trademark Squatting: A case study from the China IP SME Helpdesk
  • #BecauseofUs: Creating a level playing field for imported food

English Version (PDF)

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