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2019-10-29 | Beijing

Power of Her: Women Equality and Leadership at Work

On 29th October 2019, 'Power of Her: Women Equality and Leadership at Work' that organised by the European Chamber Beijing CSR Forum was held in Beijing. CSR Forum Chair Alex Wang made welcome remarks, followed with impressive presentations by three outstanding female models: Anne Bruant Bisson, Health Social Affairs and Labour Counsellor at the France Embassy in Beijing; Jialei Lin, Programme Manager of UN Women China and Olivia Ji, Co-Founder and President of EventBank shared their stories and knowledge on women empowerment and provide constructive suggestions. A panel discussion was moderated by Boyong Yuan, Vice Chair of CSR Forum afterwards.

Although the awareness of women equality has drew people’s attention these years, it is still vital for all society to make effort on eradicating gender-based discrimination and building a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. As a result, the aim of the event is to better understand gender equality and women’s leadership, especially in the workplace.

Anne took France as an example to introduce major milestones of the development of women equality, as well as further steps the government would take from equal rights to empowerment. Jialei in the subsequent presentation displayed data of  current situation such as labour force participation, gender pay gap, and leadership from global perspective. Meanwhile, she introduced the We-Empower Asia Programme which was jointly launched by the European Union and UN Women to encourage the private sector to expand economic participation and business opportunities for women in seven Asian countries. Olivia, as the third presenter, shared stories that she experienced on her way to fight for women equality as a successful leader of a start-up. For the panel discussion part, issues including how family members support women’s career and the challenges for female to be promoted in high level management team in a company were brought up and discussed.

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