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2009-10-29 | All chapters

European Chamber meets European Parliament
European Chamber, 28th October 2009 

On Wednesday 28th October, the President of the European Chamber Joerg Wuttke and member companies of the European Chamber's Advisory Council met with the new Chair and members of China Delegation in the European Parliament.  The China Delegation of the European Parliament plays an important role, in addition to the EU Commission, in reporting to the EU Parliament on the relations between the EU and China.  The European Chamber met with the new Chair of the Delegation, Mr. Crescenzio Rivellini (PPE, IT), Vice Chair Mrs. Iliana Ivanova (PPE, BG) and MEP Mrs. Evelyne Gebhardt (S-D, DE). The group met with the National People's Congress (NPC) and other Chinese counterparts from the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and China's Communist Party (CCP). 

Amongst the issues discussed, the EU Parliament China Delegation looked forward to signing a cooperation agreement with the NPC that would allow for further discussion on a wide range of economic, social, cultural, trade, scientific, and environmental issues. 

The European Chamber briefed the European Parliamentary Delegation on climate change, energy, financial, and job growth issues and offered to co-operate with the European Parliament and exchange views on the business and investment climate in China.