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2008-12-23 | Nanjing

Secretary Municipal Committee of the CPC, Zhu Shanlu, Standing Member of CPC Provincial Committee, lead a mission on person including first-hand leaders in some departments, districts and counties together with executives of finance organizations to America and Japan for inviting investments and bringing in specialists.

The government specially has made a website for this which is named "The Date with Nanjing—Nanjing Attracting The High-Level Overseas America Fair".

Over 60 organizations publish their needs of more than 300 positions, among which 20 are for financial specialists. Though it is not many, the positions offered are at high-levels, such as director-general or senior administrators.

The ten-day trip was filled up. Four fairs for the overseas, three of which are in America—San Francisco, Boston and New York respectively and one of which is in Nagoya Japan. Every fair has specific objectives: the first stop—San Francisco Fair is from 7p.m. to 10p.m. on November 1 which mainly invites the overseas in the line of biological medication R&D, environmental protection and resource utilization, new energy, etc; the New York Fair is from 7p.m. to 10p.m. on November 5. Since New York is a world economic center, the objectives are people who work at least 5 years in financing, banking and insurance, etc. Obviously, it is for the elites on the Wall Street. Some major Chinese associations of science and technology and missions of the overseas in New York are in the invitation list as well.

"Wall Street has many Chinese students who work there for many years and now are in a wandering period. We will hold Teach-Ins so as to inform them the needs of specialists to build Nanjing a financing center and hope them to make choices." A member of the mission told our reporter that a municipal leader happened to have close friendship with the alumni association of Beijing University in New York and this would be a great opportunity to get back some high-end specialists for Nanjing.