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In 2021, many European Chamber members reported that the profits from their operations in China in 2020 were higher than their group’s global average. This was mainly due to the rapid bounceback of the Chinese economy after the initial COVID breakout. However, China’s current zero-COVID stance and the resulting strict lockdowns nationwide mean European companies are now struggling to maintain operations. Therefore, the March/April 2022 issue of EURObiz focusses on communicating with HQ – interactions between China-based branches of European companies and their headquarters back in Europe, on pandemic-related disruptions to workflows, as well as flows of finances, data and technology, and unreasonable expectations from either side.

Also featured in this edition:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: And the path to carbon neutrality
  • What’s Next?: After the Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022
  • Trade Secret Protection in China in the Civil Code Era
  • The EU, the WTO and China: Intellectual property considerations and the path forward
  • Beyond Pandas and Hotpot: The Southwest China Position Paper 2021/2022

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