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The Carbon Market Sub-working Group aims to contribute to creating a fair and predictable business environment so that international and local companies can exchange and cooperate on a level playing field on issues related with China’s carbon market and overall decarbonisation. The sub-working group also wishes to share its emissions trading system (ETS) experiences from other markets, particularly the European Union (EU) ETS, with its Chinese partners, and to promote the development and integration of clean energies, while supporting China in its low-carbon and energy transition. It is a sub-working group of the European Chamber’s Energy Working Group and consists of 110 member companies that represent all aspects of the carbon market sector, including project developers, carbon funds, investors, lawyers, auditors and consultants, as well as financial institutions and companies under compliance obligations.

The sub-working group provides support to relevant Chinese stakeholders on the development of a wellfunctioning national carbon market, which will serve to reduce China’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in synergy with the country’s efforts to deal with other environmental and economic issues. With the pilot markets still in operation and the national ETS launched in 2021, the working group is focussed on enhancing understanding and providing recommendations from the perspective of European business in China.

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