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The auto components industry complements the automotive industry in helping to provide mobility for people and goods, essential in today’s inter-connected world. The heavy reliance on road-freight transportation and light vehicles for trade and travel naturally creates a demand for both original equipment (OE) parts and aftermarket parts. As such, the industry has become extremely important, both to the economy in general and as a significant driving force for scientific and technological transformation.

The industry’s societal benefits fit perfectly with China’s development goals, contributing to the Chinese Government labelling the automotive sector (including auto components) a pillar industry. The Auto Components Working Group urges the government to consistently launch and commit to its economic development plans, which devote particular attention to areas that help the industry thrive, such as technological innovation and industrial cooperation in new energy vehicles (NEVs), autonomous driving, and electric vehicle (EV) battery remanufacturing and recycling. 

The Auto Components Working Group was created in 2000, the year the European Chamber was established. It consists of around 80 international companies involved in the manufacturing of auto components, machine tools for producing auto components and automotive assembly lines. Members also import and distribute auto components and provide after-sales services in China. This working group has fostered ties with various organisations and governmental bodies in Europe and China.

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