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The Construction Working Group is the voice of European, world-leading real estate investors, land developers, architects, engineers, project managers, main contractors, suppliers and other professional consultants operating in China. Despite the diversity of the sectors that members of the working group specialise in, they are united in supporting China’s transition from an economic model based on rapid, quantitative growth to one that is sustainable and qualitative. Their aims are also fully aligned with President Xi Jinping’s target of pursuing human-centred development, as declared in the 13th Five-year Plan (13FYP) and reiterated during the 19th Party Congress in October 2017.

Designing is the starting point of construction. From a micro perspective, such as the design of a single tool, to the macro perspective of designing homes, workspaces and eventually entire urban areas, designers carry a huge responsibility due to the influence they can have over both individual lives and entire communities.

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