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Heating mitigates the negative impacts of cold weather, playing a vital role in providing comfortable and sustainable living conditions for human beings. Bringing heating to people in an energy-efficient and environmentally-sound way is a key objective of the heating industry. The Heating Sub-working Group (or the Europe China Heating Initiative (ECHI)) seeks to promote European technologies that provide ecofriendly heating appliances and components. The aim is to ensure that energy resources are conserved, while air quality is improved by significantly decreasing pollutant emissions. The coal-to-gas transition programme is one of China’s national strategies to fundamentally reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions,1 as well as to achieve increased energy efficiency. European heating manufacturers can make significant contributions to the successful implementation of the coal-to-gas strategy, while helping China win the war defending blue skies. The representation of the European Heating Industry in China was created in 2002. It currently consists of 11 European enterprises involved in the manufacturing of highly-efficient and renewable-based heating technologies and heating components. They manufacture heating appliances (e.g. high-efficiency heating boilers), burners, water heaters, renewables (e.g. solar and heat pumps) and industrial components. In 2016, the Heating Working Group became a subworking group of the Construction Working Group. Together with its parent group, it strives to promote advanced European heating technology and offers information on the latest trends and developments in the heating industry.

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