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The function of human resources (HR) is to improve a company’s operations and productivity by helping the company to effectively utilise their workforce. HR departments were traditionally expected to play a facilitative role in corporate social responsibility, sustainability and workplace ethics. However, HR management’s primary role is the development of people. With the accelerating pace of technology, and changes to the socio-economic and demographic makeup of Chinese society, HR departments need to adapt faster to a dynamic work environment. The Chinese Government should strive to support companies in recruiting and retaining both domestic and international talent, as well as to provide relevant training to employees in order to better meet a company’s longterm business objectives.

The Human Resources Working Group provides a platform for exchanging information, experiences and best practices among member companies, as well as to promote awareness of HR- and labour-related issues through engaging in an open dialogue with both members and relevant Chinese authorities. The HR Working Group is currently active in Shanghai and South China (Guangzhou and Shenzhen), with fora representation in Beijing and Nanjing. The working group consists of HR professionals from European multinational corporations and small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) involved in a variety of industries. The working group represents European companies employing hundreds of thousands of people who contribute to social security funds and tax. The working group regularly organises events and facilitates training sessions to share with members their acquired knowledge and expertise.

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