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Foreign investment plays an important role as one of the contributors to China‘s economic growth. All companies exist to solve a specific problem in society or satisfy a particular need, and corporate investments are necessary for facilitating these tasks. The more the market demands solutions to societal problems, the more investment is needed. In China’s case, its rising middle class, and growing needs from all other parts of society, are likely to result in an increasing demand for investment – whether from domestic or international players. The regulatory environment plays a significant role here: it can help to improve trust in the marketplace, but it can also create uncertainty, which is a deterrent to investment. 

The Investment Working Group addresses European investor concerns in China, a particularly relevant task considering the ongoing negotiations for a European Union (EU)-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI), the implementation of the new Foreign Investment Law (FIL) and the range of challenges that China faces in reforming its capital markets. The working group seeks to achieve a level playing field for foreign investors and to provide a credible platform for exchanging expertise among active international investors in China. 

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