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The Quality and Safety Services (QSS) Sub‐working Group was established in 2012 under the
Standards and Conformity Assessment Working Group. Comprised of European Chamber
members in the QSS sector, the QSS Sub‐working Group provides a platform for European
agencies to monitor and share experiences on developments in the regulatory environment.
The QSS sector is defined, for the working group’s purposes, as independent, third‐party
agencies that provide manufacturers and end users with testing, inspection and certification
(TIC) and other conformity assessment‐related services, with the aim of improving the quality
and safety of products on the market. The QSS Sub‐working Group identifies concerns and
makes recommendations to increase transparency and improve coordination between thirdparty
agencies and relevant administrative authorities. The Standards and Conformity
Assessment Working Group is comprised of manufacturers that are affected by relevant issues
and it works closely with the QSS Sub‐working Group, having the mutual aim of developing
China’s standardisation and conformity assessment system.

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