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The European Business in China – Position Paper (Position Paper) is the European Chamber’s primary annual publication. Although the speed of China’s reform and opening up has accelerated over the past year relative to the recent past, it remains, in absolute terms, incomplete and too slow. The resulting increase in global tensions has culminated in a tit-for-tat exchange between China and the US, with the European business being caught in the cross fire. 

While the European Chamber believes that tariffs are not an appropriate tool for resolving complex issues such as unfair technology transfers, market access barriers and an opaque regulatory environment, it does share the US’ impatience. Rather than resorting to swinging a hammer, the European Chamber has assembled its European Business in China Position Paper 2018/2019, which examines concrete concerns and offers recommendations that can help to provide a constructive solution to the current situation: 

  • 33 sub-papers covering different industries and horizontal issues begin with a holistic view of the sector before focusing in on specific issues and providing 828 corresponding recommendations to address the most pressing concerns of European companies operating in China.
  • Concerns include broad issues like rule of law, market access, reciprocity and SOE dominance, as well as highly detailed ones like the need to clearly define specific terms in laws and regulations.
  • The Executive Position Paper focusses on concrete examples of the 14 most common concerns faced by European companies across different industries, and catalogues them into a matrix by industry to highlight the ‘reform deficit’ that must be addressed to rebalance China’s trade and investment relationships and ease global tensions.

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