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International liner shipping attempts to transport goods efficiently while emitting as little pollution as possible for each tonne of cargo that is transported. Ocean shipping, as the major channel of global trade, transports nearly 75 per cent of internationally traded goods, but was responsible for only 2.4 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions per year from 2007–2012. It connects every corner of the world, enables people to enjoy an array of low-priced products and brings variety to business and our daily lives. As an industry, international liner shipping generates jobs and contributes to the global economy.

The International Liner Shipping Sub-working Group—originally the Maritime Transport Working Group—was established in 2000 to represent international maritime transport enterprises operating in China. The objective of the working group is to work towards a more efficient and competitive China maritime transport environment. To accomplish this, the working group engages in dialogue with relevant Chinese and European government officials to contribute to the healthy development of the transportation industry and to promote the interests of European transportation companies in China.

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