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Under carbon trading schemes, those who emit more  carbon can purchase the right to emit more and those that emit less can sell the right to emit carbon to others, thus the trading market results in one of the most cost-effective carbon reduction methods currently being used.

The Carbon Market Sub-working Group’s aim is to have fair and transparent conditions for competition created between international enterprises and local companies, to share with Chinese partners their emissions trading system (ETS) experiences operating in other markets, and to promote the development and integration of clean energies while supporting China in its present and forthcoming energy transition. It is a sub-working group of the Energy Working Group and consists of 41 members that represent all aspects of the carbon market sector, including project developers, carbon funds, investors, lawyers, auditors, consultants, as well as financial institutions and companies under compliance obligations.

The sub-working group works with the Chinese Government and other stakeholders to ensure the carbon market’s sustainable development, to reduce China’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and, as a co-benefit, resolve other environmental issues. With the pilot ETS presently in operation across China and the national ETS announced in December 2017 and scheduled to start by 2020, the working group is focused on understanding and improving the process from a European-business-in-China perspective.

While the limitations of the national ETS system came as a disappointment to various market players, associated delays could be seen as an opportunity to ensure all policies and tools pushed by Chinese authorities are efficient and well-coordinated. European companies have experience with these issues and their involvement in the trading scheme’s design will be key to utilising past improvements appropriately.

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