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China’s economic priorities are clear: successfully transition the country’s economic model, maintain growth at sustainable levels and promote innovation in order to facilitate a move up the value chain that will make its companies more competitive.

The Chinese Government has already acknowledged the important role that European business will play in this process. On 28th June, 2016, during an event at the Summer Davos in Tianjin, Premier Li stated:

"The participation of foreign firms is needed in China's efforts to push economic transformation and upgrading through reform and innovation, and to realise healthy and sustainable growth." In order to facilitate this, without providing specific details regarding which industries would be covered, he said that China will further ease market access for foreign investment and is committed to building an environment for fair competition.

As encouraging as these words are, European business has heard similar pronouncements before and has already waited three years for China to follow through on the Decision's reform agenda. The European Chamber believes that redoubling efforts to allow the market to play the decisive role in China’s economy, the establishment of a level-playing field on which all companies can fairly compete and the granting of full reciprocity in terms of openness to European investment will make a major contribution towards China achieving the economic goals outlined in its 13FYP.

With global economic growth remaining fragile both China and the EU will suffer if China does not live up to its full potential. For the sake of mutual prosperity, European business wants China to succeed. The European Chamber can therefore only continue to advocate for the necessary market-orientated reforms to be pushed through, without delay.

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