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Formed in 2001, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Working Group consists of major European telecommunications vendors, service providers, digital content providers and consulting firms that meet on a regular basis to assess China’s reforms and the business environment in the ICT industry. The working group also serves as a platform for information exchange on ICT industry developments, including but not limited to the topics of technology standards, certification, services, spectrum, innovation, research, information security, interoperability and global harmonisation. The Information and Communication Technology Working Group contains two sub-working groups: Cybersecurity and Information Security.

European ICT companies are among the largest investors in China today and contribute to China’s development by transferring technology, creating jobs, contributing know-how and intellectual property (IP), and training a new generation of Chinese engineers in the ICT field. In addition, a large percentage of these European companies have significant research and development (R&D) units with well-established links to Chinese universities and research institutes that contribute significantly to the development of the ICT sector in China. As such, European companies should receive equal treatment in the Chinese marketplace, where substantial improvement is needed in key areas, including, but not limited to, participation in standardisation, regulation-making, governmentfunded national R&D projects and market access. The working group’s activities are intended to contribute to consultation and dialogue with all government agencies responsible for the ICT sector. The working group believes that increased dialogue between Chinese decision-makers and the European ICT industry will improve mutual understanding and increase benefits.

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