Public Procurement Study 2011 - 中国的公共采购:欧盟企业在中国参与公共采购合同竞标的经验 – 2011 Go back »


Overall Public Procurement in China represents well over 20% of China’s rapidly growing economy. The regulatory framework governing this enormous and increasing amount of economic activity is fragmented, inconsistent and unevenly implemented.

In its current state, the regulatory framework for government procurement in China is a drag on efficiency and innovation for the Chinese economy as a whole. This represents a missed opportunity the size of the South Korean economy for European business in China.

Still, the implications of China’s public procurement system(s) remain relatively unknown or misunderstood outside specialist circles. Given the importance of public procurement for the Chinese and world economies as a whole, it is important that public debate surrounding necessary reform occur within an accurate, focused set of terms. This study aims to make a contribution to this debate.

In this study, the European Chamber describes, analyses and makes recommendations on the “overall public procurement market.” This “overall market” refers to the totality of goods, services, projects and works regulated by the Ministry of Finance’s Government procurement Law (GPL) and the National Development and Reform Commission’s China Bidding Law (BL).

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