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The Agriculture, Food and Beverage (AFB) Working Group helps connect member companies with the Chinese authorities so that the government can better understand what needs to be done to promote food safety, improve market access for European food and beverage companies, and promote a healthy diet in China. The working group has over 150 member companies, including importers and exporters, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, catering service providers, specialised testing laboratories and consultancies. The Agriculture, Food and Beverage Working Group includes three sub-working groups – the Dairy Industry Desk, the Food for Special Medical Purpose Advisory Council and the Paediatric Nutrition Desk. The Dairy Industry Desk was originally established in 2014 as the Cheese Industry Desk to promote better market access for European cheese and cheese products. With the regulatory improvement in the cheese sector, members of this group decided to widen the scope and look for further improvement across the entire dairy sector. It now has 10 prominent European dairy producers and industry associations as its members. The Food for Special Medical Purpose Advisory Council was established in 2016 and has four leading international manufacturers that focus on special nutrition. The Paediatric Nutrition Desk was established in 2009 and currently has 10 international companies as members and three domestic manufacturers as local partners. All three desks represent members’ interests and promote dialogue and communication among relevant stakeholders.

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