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Intellectual property (IP) laws protect human intellectual
achievements by granting rights holders the exclusive
privilege to control and obtain benefits for what they
have created. Effective intellectual property rights (IPR)
enforcement is crucial for innovating and competing
in any market and for the facilitation of transnational
partnership agreements. If there is a lack of trust in IPR
protection, companies and individuals will be reluctant
to introduce their most valuable IP to a country and will
not be willing to develop cutting-edge IP creations.

The Intellectual Property Rights Working Group
represents a wide range of European interests in
China’s IP regulatory framework and its enforcement
of IPR. With a presence in Beijing, Shanghai and
South China, the working group serves as a platform
for companies to share best practices on IP matters.
It is a bridge between China’s IP authorities and
European business and offers support primarily through
recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency and
effectiveness of China’s IPR protection system.