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2022-04-08 | All chapters

On 6th April, the European Chamber held a cross-chapter online media roundtable to present the business outlook of European companies operating in China with regard to China's zero-COVID strategy. Hosted by President Joerg Wuttke, this event was attended by the chairs of five local chapters, the vice chair of the Shenyang Chapter and members.

Below are excerpts from Caixin, CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, South China Morning Post, Wall Street Journaland Handelsblatt.


China's widening COVID curbs exact mounting economic toll, Reuters, 6th April

European Trade Group Warns China Lockdowns Disrupting Production, Bloomberg, 6th April

China’s European firms warn ‘on-off economy’, Covid lockdowns cloud business outlook | South China Morning Post (, 6th April

European companies complain about the impact of China's lockdowns (original in German)Handelsblatt, 6th April

China lockdowns threaten European companies to operate in the country (Original in Portuguese), Journal de Negocios, 6th April

Shanghai to allow parents to stay with COVID-infected kids, AP, 6th April

China Lockdown: BMW Factories in Shenyang Have Been Halted for Two Weeks, Bloomberg, 6th April

Manufacturers Grind to a Halt in China as Covid Lockdowns Expand, Wall Street Journal, 7th April

European Chamber: Recent COVID Situation in China Puts Pressure on Global Supply Chain (Original in Chinese), Caixin, 7th April

Stopped trucks, foldable beds for workers: What European businesses face with China’s Covid surge, CNBC, 7th April

Watch Business Confidence Fading in Shanghai: Schoen-BehanzinBloomberg, 8th April