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2018-08-21 | All chapters

The 18 Months Since Davos report has been quoted by key domestic and international media multiple times since its release. Most media delivered the report’s key message: although the pace of reforms since January 2017 has been greater relative to any other 18-month period since China’s accession to the WTO, in absolute terms European businesses are seeing few actual results. The report acknowledges China’s recent improvements in environmental protection, the R&D environment and advances in some local business environments, as well as the lowering of tariffs on many consumer goods. However, it goes on to urge the Chinese leadership to double down on economic reforms, and create a business environment that is open, equitable and well regulated, in order to diffuse the significant tensions that are building in the global economic system. Please see the key media mentions list below.

China’s economic reform is falling short — and patience is growing thin, says report

CNBC, 10th July 2018

European firms race to rejig supply chains as US-China trade war rumbles

SCMP, 10th July 2018

Is China Really Reforming Its Business Practices?

24/7 Wall street, 10th July 2018

EU and China edge closer in Trump's 'America First' world

EU Observer, 13th July 2018

Before Trump-Putin summit, Europe urges China and U.S. to halt trade war

The Washington Post, 16th July 2018

China’s trade numbers look certain to trigger Trump backlash

Asia Times, 13th July 2018

European Exporters Shift Trade to Avoid Higher US Tariffs

AP, 10th July 2018

As Trump amps up trade war, China plays nice with foreign investors

Reuters, 12th July 2018

China Urgently Needs Economic Reform, European Chamber Says

Bloomberg, 10th July 2018

Tesla to build electric-car plant in China

Financial Times, 10th July 2018

China urgently needs economic reform, says European Chamber

Business Standard, 11th July 2018

China Joins 20 Most Innovative Economies, US Falls to No. 6

VOA, 11th July 2018

Low-key Washington talks unlikely to end US-China trade war

Asia Times, 16th August 2018

Trump Should Focus His Trade War on China

Yonkers Times, 21st July 2018

中国欧盟商会年度报告称中国加快开放步伐 吁明确改革时间表

China News, 10th July 2018


Caijing, 25th July 2018


Economic Daily, 13th July 2018


Economic Observer, 12th July 2018

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