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Secretary General Talks about China's WTO Partnership on CCTV French Channel

As Secretary General of the European Chamber, Giorgio Magistrlli talked about China's WTO Partnership on CCTV French Channel's "Rencontres" programme.

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2006-07-01 > All chapters

Joerg Wuttke Talks about Business China with OECD Observer

China has dominated policy and business thinking since the start of the century. Much has been written about its economic transformation and governance, about its huge business potential, and more recently about its influence as a major player in the wider world economy. But what is it actually like to do business there? Joerg Wuttke is vice-president of the European Chamber of Commerce in China and has been doing business there for 16 years. OECD Observer asked Mr Wuttke for some personal insights.

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2006-02-27 > All chapters

EGM of the European Chamber Talks about EU Economy in 2006 on CCTV9

on 27th February 2006, the Executive General Manager of the European Chamber Giorgio Magistrelli talked about "EU Economy in 2006" on CCTV9's Dialogue programme.

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