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2020-02-21 > Beijing

Exemptions to 14-Day Quarantine Policy for Travelers to Beijing

The official updated policy on the 14-day quarantine exemption for travellers to Beijing released on February 21st expands on the original February 14th communication.

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2020-01-17 > All chapters

Seminar on EU- China Win-Win Aeronautical Cooperation & Tour to Airbus and Sinelson Aero

On 17th January, Aviation & Aerospace working group held a seminar on EU – China win-win Cooperation Seminar in Airbus (Tianjin). The attendees also visited Airbus Final Assembly Lines and Senelson Aero (Tianjin) workshop.

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2019-12-24 > Beijing

European Chamber 1st Medical Device Forum - Enhancing Healthy China: Medical Device Supervision and Innovation and Development of the Industry

The European Chamber 1st Medical Device Forum took place in Beijing on 18th December, attended by over 150 guests.

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2019-12-12 > Beijing

Sports Marketing, Enhance and Position Your Brand Through Sports

On 12th December, the European Chamber Marketing and Communications Forum held a seminar on Sports Marketing, Enhance and Position Your Brand Through Sports.

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2019-08-27 > Beijing

The European Chamber Cross-Industry Mentorship Initiative

The European Chamber is proud to launch the inaugural phase of its Cross-industry Mentor Initiative (CIMI) and is now welcoming applications from potential mentees.

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2019-01-07 > All chapters

EUCCC 3×3 Team Building Basketball Cup (Men &Women) 2019 held on Jan 5th 2019 at Canadian International School Guangzhou

The European Chamber South China Chapter had just concluded a team building 3*3 basketball cup on Jan 5th 2019 with over 20 corporate teams competing in the Canadian International School Guangzhou. The game aimed to create team building opportunities

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2018-08-28 > Beijing

Secretary General Joins Roundtable Dialogue on WTO Modernisation

European Chamber Secretary General Adam Dunnett participated in a roundtable on WTO modernization on 23rd August jointly hosted by CCG,ICTSD and UIBE WTO Institute.

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2018-07-09 > Beijing

Seminar on the Dispute Resolution Mechanisms along the Belt and Road Initiative

On 5th July, the European Chamber hosted a seminar on the dispute resolution mechanisms along the Belt and Road Initiative.

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2018-06-12 > Beijing

The Second Annual EUCCC Cup Raises RMB 24,000 to support Educating Girls of Rural China

The second edition of the EUCCC Cup was held on Saturday, 9th June. The tournament was won by Harrow School who defeated Total 2-0 in the EUCCC Cup’s final.

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2018-04-24 > Beijing

Chamber Achieves Success on New Measures for Certification in China

In April 2018, AQSIQ together with CNCA published the Interpretation on the Measures for the Administration of Certification Agencies. All the comments and suggestions previously outlined in the European Chamber’s 2017 lobby letter were accepted.

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