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2024-06-22 | Shenyang

Outdoor Yoga and Muay Thai Activity Unites Community  Achieved Success

Following opening remarks by the host and Ms. Medina, the Consul General of the Australian Consulate, Roicare's yoga instructor, Ms. Mumu, led nearly a hundred participants from both international and local communities through a series of stretching and breathing exercises. The gentle and rhythmic movements allowed participants to experience tranquility and relaxation on the lush green lawn.

Subsequently, Consul General Medina and Muay Thai instructor Mr. Boa from CTC Alliance performed a captivating demonstration, which set the stage for the upcoming Muay Thai experience.

Under Coach Boa's guidance, participants practiced various Muay Thai techniques, including kicks, jabs, elbows, and clinch strikes. The energetic music provided the perfect backdrop for an intense calorie-burning session.

As the event drew to a close, the clouds could no longer contain the sun's warmth, allowing dappled sunlight to filter through the gaps and converge into beams of light that slanted downwards. This perfectly timed parting of the clouds beautifully highlighted the event's theme of encouraging people to connect with nature, fostering mutual understanding through sports, and creating a prosperous future together.

The morning's activities seamlessly combined tranquility and excitement, bringing the successful event to a quiet yet memorable conclusion.

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