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2023-03-24 | Shenyang

HR Sharing Salon 2nd Session Achieved Success

Organizational health and a company's culture is not simply a feel-good moment but rather a quantifiable, profit generating machine that either creates or destroys value. The word “culture” connotes many different meanings for those in the corporate world. However, too often it is simply a misunderstood, buzz word that companies easily throw around in boilerplate speeches while concurrently failing to truly address culture head on. This happens because leaders often don’t see culture and thus organizational health as a true revenue generating platform such as sales, digital, and operation transformations.

To better understand organizational health and how to improve team cohesiveness and how to develop and implement company’s culture, Mr. Fuchen BI, Chair or European Chamber Shenyang Chapter HR Forum and Manager of Government Relations and HR from Michelin Shenyang Tire Company., Ltd., chaired a deep discussion with some member companies around the very topics as the second session of HR series salon at Le Basque Red Wine Shop on March 24th.  

Started with an introduction of key factors to organization success, Fuchen denoted that most of the management teams might still make unreasonable decisions due to various pressures, even if they were made up of excellent people. After a brief on organizational health model, he pointed out that courage and perseverance were the keys to building an efficient and united team, then he introduced five types of obstacles to teamwork and possible countermeasures, followed by an in-depth discussion with participants of different industrial backgrounds over their very pain points in terms of organizational health and company culture.

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