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2021-01-05 | Shenyang

Forum on Emission Reduction and Energy Efficiency 节能减排与能源效率主题论坛

A forum on emission reduction and energy efficiency was held both online and offline jointly by European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC), Netherland Business Support Office and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. on December 15th, 2020.


The opening remark was delivered by Erich Kaiserseder, a board member of EUCCC Shenyang Chapter and the general manager of Conrad Hotel Shenyang. 


Following the opening remark, speakers held in-depth discussions in various aspects on “Green Policy” of the EU, CO2 emission goal of China, practices and plans on carbon emission and sustainable development of EU businesses, solutions from technique providers as well as current standards and supportive policies from local government.   


The keynote addresses are as follows: 


Overview on the EU Green Deal and Related Opportunities by Sebastien Paquot, Head of Section, Counsellor for Climate Action and Environment, EU Delegation to China


Outlook on the Pollution Deduction and Emission Control by Yan Gang, Deputy Dean, Researcher, Institute of Environmental Planning, Ministry of Ecology and Environment


Sustainability @ BMW Brilliance by Dr. Franz Decker, SVP Technology & Manufacturing of BMW Brilliance Automotive; Board Member, Shenyang Chapter, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China 


Now and for Generations to Come by Li Dawei, Management Team Member of Royal Friesland Campina China Business Group, General Manager of Friesland Campina Dairy, Co, Ltd.


Energy Management at OTTO FUCHS Technology (Shenyang) Co. Ltd. by Matthias Scheurich, General Manager, OTTO FUCHS Technology (Shenyang) Co., Ltd 


Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction in Industrial Plants by Leo Feng, Project Manager, NECreat ( Shenyang ) New Energy Technology Ltd. 

沈阳能创新能源项目经理冯绍男先生--- 工厂的能源效率与减排;节能减排

Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction = Environmental Protection by Yu Na, Manager, Training Department of GFT Group

通正集团培训部经理于娜女士--- 绿色环保 节能减排=环境保护;

Emission Reduction and Energy Efficiency by Liu Wenchao, Deputy Director of Atmospheric Environment and Climate Change Division, Shenyang Eco Environment Bureau


Supporting Fond for Industrial Energy Reduction Projects by Shen Zhichao, Level 4 Investigator, Resource Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Division, Shenyang Industry and Information Technology Bureau


Harald Kumpfert, who is the Chairman of the board of EUCCC Shenyang, the general manager of Shenyang NEcreat and the supervisor of Shenyang business environment, made a closing remark for the forum. 


Guests present had a heated discussion. They made full use of this opportunity to share their experience and improve their plans.


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