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2019-04-17 | South China

European Chamber Released South China Position Paper 2019/2020

European Chamber released South China Position Paper 2019/2020, presenting the concerns, assessments and recommendations of European Chamber members doing business in South China. The launch event was held on 10th April in Guangzhou. 

The South China Position Paper 2019/2020 presents eight key recommendations that will assist the local authorities in achieving this goal. Guangdong is well positioned to become an exemplar of how China can benefit from an open, fair and well-regulated economy, and European business is ready to contribute to this goal and, by doing so, help demonstrate to the rest of China the value of completing the reform and opening up process.

“While the future for European companies in the region remains promising, we believe that Guangdong can brighten its economic future by working with industry to improve the local business environment,” said George Lau, chair of the European Chamber’s South China Chapter. “Our local membership has compiled constructive recommendations to start a conversation with the local government on how to shift Guangdong from a good place to do business in China to a great place to do business globally.”

Please click here to download the report.