Advocacy Actions

2021-06-30 > Beijing, Shanghai

Submitted comments to the People's Bank of China on the Anti-money Laundering Law (Revised Draft for Comment)

The working groups suggested to clarify roles and responsibilities, including for units and individuals. Other suggestions include narrowing the scope of the confidentiality obligation of the new law, make clear the name and specific supervision mode of the state anti-money laundering administrative department and to clarify the specific treatment methods of domestic foreign-funded institutions, that is, whether the existing unified anti money laundering compliance system of overseas parent banks can be used.

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2021-04-28 > Beijing, Shanghai

Roundtable with DG Mu Changchun of the PBOC's Digital Currency Institute

The discussion centered on onshore and offshore usage of the E-CNY. DG Mu updated members on the roll out of the E-CNY and assessment of the pilot project ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. He also detailed a little bit on regulation and standards required for the E-CNY. Other topics briefly discussed included bank deposits and digital regulation.

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2021-04-14 > Beijing

Meeting with Department of Foreign Investment of Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM)

On 14th April, the European Chamber led a delegation of representatives from six working groups (WG) to meet with the Department of Foreign Investment of the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM).

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2021-01-25 > All chapters

European Chamber financial services representatives meet with CAI negotiators

On 25th January member representatives from the financial services Working Groups met with CAI negotiators for a briefing on the impact of the Agreement on their respective industries.

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2021-01-05 > All chapters

Chief Negotiator for CAI debriefs European Chamber representatives on the Agreement

On 5th January, Chief Negotiator for the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) Ms Maria Martin Prat and her team debriefed a group of Chamber industry representatives on the key points of the Agreement.

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2020-12-22 > Beijing, Shanghai

Meeting with PBOC - China Financial Standardisation Technical Committee (CFSTC)

The China Financial Standardization Technical Committee (CFSTC, SAC/TC 180) is a technical organization authorized by the Standardization Administration of the P. R. C. (SAC). CFSTC is a technical organization engaged in nationwide standardization in the financial sector and is responsible for the centralized management of standardization technology in the financial industry and for domestic work related to ISO/TC 68 and ISO/TC 222. The Standardization Administration of the P. R. C. has entrusted The People’s Bank of China to lead and manage China Financial Standardization Technical Committee. There are three sub-committees affiliated to CFSTC covering securities, insurance, and printing standardization, respectively.

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2020-12-10 > Beijing

Financial Services PP Presentation for CBIRC

On Thursday 10th December, the three Working Group Chairs of Banking & Securities WG, Insurance WG and Non-banking Financial Institutions WG presented their WG’s respective Position Paper to working level officials of the China Banking & Insurance Regulatory Committee.

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2020-12-01 > Beijing, Shanghai

Conference-call with CBIRC on Cross-selling Insurance Products

Many foreign insurance companies do not hold a cross selling qualification in China, whereas in the past, foreign insurance companies that have obtained this qualification only aim at selected business lines. As old-style applications for cross-selling licenses were stopped while back members have been in a kind of vacuum on this matter. In this conference-call, the progress on re-open applications for cross-selling of insurance products for insurance companies was discussed. It was also discussed what consumer finance companies and auto finance companies that wish to act as an intermediate of insurance and expect to see in terms of regulatory developments.

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2020-11-25 > Shanghai

European Chamber Shanghai Chapter Zhejiang Government Dialogue on Fintech

European Chamber Shanghai Chapter Zhejiang Government Dialogue on Fintech

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2020-10-28 > Beijing, Shanghai

Submitted Comments to CBIRC on the on Measures for Supervision of Internet Insurance Business (Draft for Comments)

On 28th October, the Insurance WG submitted comments to the China Banking & Insurance Regulatory Committee on the draft on Measures for Supervision of Internet Insurance Business (Draft for Comments).

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