Meeting with Agriculture Counsellors of EU Delegation and Member States on GACC Decree 248 and infant formula issue

2022-01-12 | Beijing

European Chamber representatives attended the EU Member States Agriculture Counsellors monthly meeting. During the meeting, European Chamber participants shared the latest status of the registration of food producers from their respective countries under GACC Decree 248 and 249. European Chamber exchanged views with Agriculture Counsellors regarding possible solutions to the problems faced by the Industry, such as proposing to GACC to set up a hotline for answering questions from applicants on registration-related issues. It was aligned that further communication with GACC on implementation rules is still necessary to facilitate the registration of European manufacturers, especially those producing certain categories of food (e.g., meat and aquatic products) and willing to export new categories of food to China. Participants also shared the latest updates on infant formula recipe registration, focusing on issues related to on-site audit in the process.