ESG Seminar: New Energy and Carbon Neutrality

2021-09-07 | Shanghai, National

ESG Seminar: New Energy and Carbon Neutrality

In order to better serve and support the development of Shanghai new energy industry and continuously attract foreign investment, this ESG seminar "New Energy and Carbon Neutrality" promotion conference is jointly organised by Shanghai Foreign Investment Development Board and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, co-organised by PwC. During the conference, the new energy industry development in Shanghai and the foreign investment environment and policies in Shanghai will be introduced to key foreign enterprises to increase awareness on ESG investment incentives.

Led by the European Chamber Energy Working Group, our Vice President Guido Giacconi,  and two Vice Chairs of the Energy Working Group Mickael Naouri (Air Liquide Corporate Affairs Director) and Juan Ignacio Garcia de Motiloa (Iraeta Energy Equipment Vice President) presented keynote speeches on the green energy transition in China and Carbon Neutrality pathways  at this conference. Government Officials from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Shanghai Foreign Investment Development Board and Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City Development Bureau were present to engage in a roundtable discussion on future collaborations in light of China's ambitious carbon neutrality pledge for 2060.

The E (Environment) in ESG is arguably one of the most crucial issues of the 21st century, focusing on how companies use energy and how they manage/reduce their environmental impact on society. Today’s conference saw our Energy Chair  Mickael discuss the role of hydrogen in the China’s green energy transition, while Juan, our vice chair discussed wind energy. The European Chamber Vice President Guido D. Giacconi also gave a keynote speech on carbon neutral pathways and EU-China cooperation in light of the European Green deal to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, as well as China’s respective pledge to reach carbon neutrality by 2060.

The Covid-19 pandemic taught us sustainability isn’t just about looking at environmental risks but creating long-term organisational resiliency. With investors looking for robust ESG strategies to protect their interests and to determine the success of a business, there is a heightened significance for companies to take responsibility in building a more sustainable future. This event was attended by 60 members from the European Chamber.