Meeting with Shenyang Mayor

2021-04-13 | Shenyang

Meeting with Shenyang Mayor

On 13th April, President of the European Chamber Joerg Wuttke, together with a delegation of eight representatives, met with Wang Xinwei, mayor of Shenyang. Li Songlin, vice mayor of Shenyang, and Cao Peng, Secretary General of Shenyang Municipal Government attended the meeting. President Wuttke appreciated Shenyang government’s effort in providing PU letters which helped foreign employees return to their workplace in China during the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and other support that Shenyang Government has been giving to the Shenyang Chapter. Both sides congratulated the success achieved by the Shenyang Government and the European companies in Shenyang and discussed the future plan of both sides.

Members brought up the most relevant issues including foreign employees’ difficulty in coming back to China, individual income tax policy change for foreigners in China, the shortage of clean energy and its high price, the need of a better reputation for Shenyang both nationally and internationally, and the need of more exhibitions to contribute to local economy.

The mayor showed great interest and concern on the advices from the European Chamber. He thanked the European Chamber for its effort to promote the city’s development, gave responses to the issues mentioned above and appreciated the European Chamber members’ sincere love and concern for Shenyang’s development.

Both President Wuttke and Mayor Wang believe that the city will become more prosperous with the joint collaboration between the European Chamber and Shenyang government. Further communication and cooperation were planned during the meeting.