Renewable Energy Working Group Meeting with EC2, “EU-China Energy Cooperation-Doing Better Together”

2014-07-16 | All chapters

This EC2 workshop, “EU-China Energy Cooperation-Doing Better Together” was held under the aim of summarising the envisaged strengths and weaknesses in EU-China energy cooperation, by inviting EU and China experts to join the discussion. A series of Case Studies were presented by both Chinese and European counterparts.


Mr. Gianluca Ghiara, Vice Chair of Renewable Energy Working Group,presented a Case Study ofthe EU-China cooperation on waste managementin the rural areas in China, and then summarised the added value to China and EU sidesrespectively. During the discussion session, Mr. Ghiara indicated two points that China could improve for better cooperation: first, trying to consider energy cooperationmore from a business perspective; and, second, being more flexible when receiving EU’s technologies, by appreciating that multiple technologies are needed to create a system, and that not all of the technologies necessarily need to be the most advanced in order to provide the best solution to China’s waste management challenges.


In reply, Mr. Zhou Fengqi, FormerGeneral Director of ERI/NDRC, suggested that the Chinese side should be more careful in distinguishing and choosing the most applicable and suitable technology in the energy cooperation, so as to promote mutual understanding and avoid hasty project planning.