Meeting with the International Department of National Energy Administration (NEA)

2020-01-20 | Beijing

The Energy Working Group of the European Chamber met with the International Department of the National Energy Administration (NEA) to lay down the framework for the cooperation in 2020

Both the Working Group and the NEA expressed their wish to strengthen the mutual cooperation. The NEA invites the Chamber to participate in the forthcoming national energy construction programs and projects. The two parties worked out the following tentative working schedule:

The chamber shall act as co-organiser in conferences, e.g. in in the International Energy Conference in Inner Mongolia in August and the Suzhou International Energy Forum. This will give working group member companies the opportunity to meet important stakeholders in the energy sector.

The Working Group may participate in European-China Energy Technology Cooperation Projects. Member companies may get attractive conditions to participate in different local energy programs.

The working group may organise a seminar within the framework of the Ninth Europe-China Energy Dialogue. The NEA and Chinese companies shall attend and share their experience with European companies.

The NEA and the working group shall have regular communication on   China’s policies, working plans, rules and regulations and their interpretation.