Meeting with China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF)

2019-12-02 | All chapters

On 2nd December, Jet Chang, chair of the Environment Working Group (EWG) led a delegation from the European Chamber to meet with Ms. MAN Juan, Division Chief of International Communication department and Vice Secretary - General, Committee of Multinationals, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF).

In order to further promote and solve outstanding environmental problems, CPCIF is carrying out a project of “Plastic Waste Research”. This project mainly studies PET bottles and HDPE. MS. Man Juan shared the plan and progress of the project. At the same time, she also introduced the recent work of CPCIF and the future working plan.

CPCIF hopes to corporate with Chamber’s cross working groups, such as agriculture, food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical working groups. The members hope to meet with Chairman Li on Chamber’s Position Paper 2019/2020.