Shenyang Business Environment Construction Bureau meets with the European Chamber

2019-09-20 | Shenyang

Shenyang Business Environment Construction Bureau meets with the European Chamber

On 23rd September, Harald Kumpfert, chair, European Chamber Shenyang Chapter, met with Mr Yan Zhanfeng, chief of the Shenyang Business Environment Construction Bureau at the local government, together with a delegation of six senior representatives from member companies including BASF Vitamin Company, the Conrad, Generali Life Insurance, Starmall Commerce, Hubschmann-Zhan International School, Cushman& Wakefield. The two sides exchanged opinions on the local business environment.

Mr Wu Tiehan, vice chief of the Bureau, and representatives of ten local government departments including Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Department of Ecological Environment, Health Insurance Bureau, Market Regulatory Authority, Inland Revenue Department, Business Environment Construction Bureau of the Development Zone, Taiyuan Street Council, Public Security Bureau and Foreign Office were also present at the meeting and contributed their expertise.

Mr Yan opened the meeting by urging for a frank dialogue on the local business environment. Mr Kumpfert praised the Shenyang Government’s swift action after the chapter’s recent meeting with Mayor Jiang Youwei. Mr Kumpfert said: “This represents the new spirit of the government. We are honoured that you are looking into our questions.”

Mr Kumpfert then brought up members’ concerns on the topics of giving enterprises enough notice on changes to policies, financing for SMEs and setting up a working group to promote the city’s attractiveness. 

Other issues were mentioned during the meeting, such as better understanding of the existing policy and the guideline for practice; coping with the dilemma on changing management at the local government caused the delay on the existing contract; the planning for the same nature of business to keep healthy distance within one location. Most of the questions were answered and solutions were given. Some issues were assigned to the relevant departments at the meeting and immediate actions were taken.

Members also advised to maximise the city’s rich resources in culture, music and art to bring the name of Shenyang to the world stage.

Mr Yan appreciated the questions and advice. A swift communication mechanism is agreed between the Business Environment Construction Bureau and the European Chamber Shenyang Chapter.