Meeting with Director-General WANG Wei, Development Research Centre of the State Council

2019-09-04 | Beijing

Meeting with Director-General WANG Wei, Development Research Centre of the State Council

On 4th September, as invited by Development Research Centre of the State Council (SCDRC), European Chamber representatives visited SCDRC’s office and had a meeting with the Institute of Market Economy. Director-General (DG) Ms Wang Wei received the European Chamber delegation and both sides had a fruitful exchange.

Ten representatives from the European Chamber attended the meeting, including Chairs of Environment Working Group, Healthcare Equipment Working Group and Quality and Safety Service Sub-working Group, senior representatives of Logistics Working Group and Consumable and Disposable Medical Devices Advisory Committee, as well as the Chamber’s Head of Government Affairs Zhang Ziting, Senior Business Manager and Government Relations team.

The meeting was initiated by SCDRC to understand the foreign-invested enterprise’s (FIE) feedback concerning China’s opening-up measures in recent years in the service sector, what issues are faced by FIEs now and key recommendations to resolve those problems, in order to achieve a higher-level development in the service sector. Key recommendations proposed by the Chamber included transparency in the policy-making process, inconsistency in local enforcement (especially in different regions), more policy-wise attention given to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), intellectual property rights protection on healthcare equipment and pharmaceuticals, fair playing field (avoid “Buy China” in public procurement), more freedom to establish subsidiaries, more market access on telecommunication value-added services and higher flexibility on cross-border data transmission etc.

DG Wang welcomed the honest exchange and feedback and valued recommendations given by enterprises. Later SCDRC would continue to conduct surveys in different cities and bring the information to government authorities accordingly. The meeting was concluded with the presentation of various reports published by European Chamber to DG Wang.