Meeting with Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission

2019-08-02 | Shanghai

On 5th August, officials of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission (SHEITC) visited the European Chamber and exchanged views toward foreign business investment in Shanghai, local business environment and future cooperation with the Chamber representatives. 

Mr. ZHENG Xiaodong, Chief of the Division of External Coordination for Economic Cooperation at the SHEITC, expressed his hope in facilitating further cooperation between the European Chamber and SHEITC, and offered to share the resource of SHEITC to help the Chamber's members on foreign investment in Shanghai and exhibitions such as China International Import Expo. The SHEITC officials introduced the potential focused field of development after the 14th Five Year Plan in Shanghai, including new generation information technology, new energy vehicle, new energy, high-end equipment, artificial intelligence, integrated circuit, biomedicine and so on.

Ms. Fu Helei, Government Affairs Director of the Chamber, thanked the SHEITC officials and introduced some of the key findings in the Chamber's latest Business Confidence Survey including the lack of access to government by small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) and the raising force technology transfer. Mr. Zheng replied that Shanghai values and continues to support foreign SMEs. The SHEITC launched an online service platform -- Enterprise Service Cloud Platform, to better serve enterprises and answer their questions during operation. Companies can also find a list of policies in both English and Chinese on the platform. Besides, SHEITC is currently working on the implementation rules of SME Promotion Law. 

Mr. Zheng concluded the meeting by emphasising the importance of information exchange and constant dialogues between the European Chamber and SHEITC.