Meeting Yingkou Government

2019-04-10 | Shenyang

On 10th April 2019, Mr. Harald Kumpfert, the Vice Chairman of the Shenyang Chapter, recieved a visit from Panjin Government.

Here he introduced the EUCCC itself and its activities related to the reforms of the Liaoning Province. He in particular addressed the need for all present government departments to use the drive to improve services for EU Companies in China. 


Mr. Kumpfert has brought up the following aspects:


- the competition between regions and cities in China is becoming increasingly fierce, and cities in Liaoning urgently need to find a new industrial positioning, away from the regional image of traditional manufacturing

- because of the high energy consumption in Liaoning area, it is urgent to take measures to improve air quality.

- new energy industry has great potential and will benefit the Liaoning region in environmental and economic aspects

- The overall improvement in the business environment in Shenyang and Dalian depends largely on the major stimulus policies of Liaoning Province

- To improve the attractiveness of Liaoning region, it’s better to do more on tourism, renewable energy, industrial landscape, 3D, artificial intelligence, robotics and other industries


Director Liu from Yingkou government introduced the industrial categories: aluminum; iron and steel Magnesium products; Petroleum and Chemicals and Grain Oil Food. As one of the Free Trade Zones, Yingkou would like to attract more Foreign-funded enterprises with its rich natural and industrial resources.