Meeting with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Environmental Aspects of Regulation affecting Medical Devices

2010-01-21 | All chapters

1) Updates on European environmental regulations which affect the Medical Devices Industry
2) Updates on the status of China RoHS implementation and COCIR suggestions as to which RoHS substances must be given exemptions for medical devices. The submission of a COCIR-sponsored research paper on these suggested exemptions and the rationale for them, as well as the current European Commission viewpoint and decisions on these exemptions.
3) Updates on the status of European EuP and corresponding updates on similar initiatives in China

An introduction and provision of materials on a COCIR initiative which COCIR would like to promote in China, BOMcheck, a web-based information tool to ensure that suppliers can provide all information on potential hazardous substances and other important information which medical device manufacturers must provide under initiatives such as RoHS, EuP, WEEE, REACH, etc.