Joint WG Meeting BJ & SH on Environmental Protection Tax Law

2015-07-07 | Beijing, Shanghai

In advance of the EUCCC’s submission of comments to the Legislative Affairs Office within the State Council regarding the <The People’s Republic of China Environmental Protection Tax Law > on July 9th, we would like to invite all relevant working groups to attend a joint working group meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to gain a deeper understanding of the new law, and its implications for different departments within your business. Cindy Zhang, Senior Manager of Communication and Global Responsibility at Stora Enso China, will give a talk on the new law and answer questions. Following this, there will be a round table discussions to give managers a chance to share thoughts on the new law and collectively agree on comments to be submitted through the EUCCC.


This a great opportunity for those concerned about the new law to discuss their concerns with industry peers, and take advantage of the EUCCC as a platform to raise these concerns with the State Council. Please find a translated version of the draft law attached.



4:00-4:10 Opening Remarks

4:10-4:40 Cindy Zhang presents on the China Environmental Protection Tax Law

4:40-4:50 Q&A

4:50-6:00 Round table discussions and collection of comments