Meeting with SAIC on Anti-Monopoly Guidelines on the IPR Abuse

2015-12-07 | Beijing

A meeting with SAIC was held to discuss on the latest version of the Anti-Monopoly Guidelines on the IPR Abuse SAIC is drafting. In the meeting, working group members commented on the 6th version of the Guidelines and pointed out some concerns European businesses have regarding the document. Director Yang Jie responded to the questions and concerns raised at the meeting. She also highlighted the importance of the comments from foreign businesses operating in China. SAIC welcomes the comments and will take them into consideration in their daily work. According to Ms. Yang, three regulators in this area, i.e. the NDRC, MOFCOM and SAIC will submit their own drafts to the Office of the Anti-monopoly Committee of the State Council at the end of next January. Then there will be one version of the draft Guidelines, which will be open to public consultation.