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2016-05-17 | Beijing

European Chamber’s Aviation & Aerospace Working Group Secretariat is calling for experts to participatein the next EU-China APP activity, which will focus on “Introduction of the European Design Organization Approval concept and its suitability for China”, on 5th and 6th of July 2016, in Tianjin.


Background of the Activity:

Subject:Introduction of the European Design Organization Approval concept and its suitability for China

Target Groups: CAAC, Department of Aircraft Airworthiness Certification, Department of Policy, Law and Regulation, CAST, EU industry

Activity Type: 2-day Workshop


Description: This workshop is to provide CAAC a comprehensive overview of the DOA concept in Europe. This workshop is planned to have 8 sessions covering 8 key DOA topics, with a presentation given by an EASA DOA expert, followed by examples of different implementations presented by EU industry. Further details can be found in the attached draft agenda (which is being finalised with CAAC). During the inception phase of the APP, many companies have shown high interest to cooperate with CAAC on that topic due to their involvement in certification activities with CAAC.


The topics to be discussed will include:

  • Introduction of DOA and Part 21 Subpart J
  • Demonstration of capability for design
  • EASA internal working procedures
  • Detailed example with EU manufacturers (e.g. for large and small aircraft)


Who Should Apply?

The EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP) cordially invites experts from industryto participate in this workshop, willing to share their experience in the implementation of DOA, and give examples of how to comply with DOA principles, and show the great interest for industry and for Authorities to have such system in place. The experts are expected to deliver the following results: 

  • Achieved better understanding of CAAC about European DOA system
  • Achieved better awareness on both European and Chinese sides about the usefulness and interest of establishing a DOA system
  • Identified future cooperation activities related to the DOA concept


How to Apply?

Please send your applications to Ana Magalhaes, Project Operations and Communications Manager of the EU-China APP, at with Cc to Ink Zheng, Business Manager of A&A Working Group, at by COB May 26th.     For questions regarding the role of Aviation & Aerospace Working Group Secretariat, please contact Ink Zheng. 


Both individual application and corporate application are accepted for this activity.  The application package for individuals and corporations should include:

  • A short bio and a Resume ideally in EuroPass format (Template available at )
  • A summary explaining: (i)certification experience with CAAC in the implementation of DOA principles,(ii) examples of how to comply with DOA principles, (iii) the great interest for companies and for Authorities to have such system.

 NOTE: Each corporation can recommend more than one expert for the activity.  


Next steps  

Upon submission of your application, the EU-China APP Project Team will acknowledge reception within 3working days. You will be contacted at a later stage for potential involvement in the project once a good match between the scope of work and the expert or corporation qualifications is identified.

The review of the expert applications will be on a rolling basis. The deadline for submitting your application is May 26th.

For more information on the European Chamber in general, please do not hesitate to contact


Additional Information

Fees of experts

The objective of the APP is to strengthen the economic partnership between the EU and China in the aviation domain. Project activities therefore contribute to the direct interest of European companies in China. The active contribution of European industry to the project is encouraged, by making use of their own resources where possible. Financial support from the APP can be considered to get the right expertise for individual activities in cases where this is not possible.

The APP project team chooses the expert based on the scope of the work and the suitability of candidates proposed for these tasks. After approval from the APP project team, the Chamber will consult and discuss directly the fee with the expert.

The expert fees are determined according to the expert’s type:

Type A: Professionals with special qualifications and accreditations as well as demonstrated long term experience in the field required by the activity (e.g. Test Pilots, General Pilots, Ground Instructors for Maintenance Engineering, Ground Instructors for Maintenance Engineering, Ground Instructors for Operations Engineering, etc).

Type B: Qualified professionals with extensive and demonstrated experience of over 10 years in the field of expertise required by the activity (e.g. Engineering Assistance, Maintenance Services, El Engineering Architects, etc).

Type C: Professional with demonstrated expertise in a particular area and currently holding responsibility in the specific field of interest within the respective companies (e.g. Technical Assistance).



The daily subsistence allowance has to be agreed with the APP project team on a case-by-case basis before the assignment. The maximum possible reimbursement is determined by the latest European Commission per-diem list, published here:

Such per diems can only be paid in case of missions requiring an overnight stay away from the normal base of operation and after the submission of supporting documents. 


Travel Expenses:

Shall be reimbursed as follows:

  • Travel by air shall be reimbursed up to the maximum costs of an economy class ticket at the time of reservation
  • Travel by boat or rail shall be reimbursed at the rate of one first class rail ticket for the same journey and on the same day;
  • Travel outside European Union territory shall be reimbursed under the general conditions stated above provided that EASA has given its prior written agreement.
  • Supporting documents (e.g. boarding passes or train tickets) have to be handed over in original to the APP for the reimbursements.


Expert Time commitment:

Has to be agreed with the APP project team on a case-by-case basis. It depends on the complexity of and the tasks requested from the individual expert for a specific assignment.

At the end of each assignment the expert has to provide a time sheet and an expert mission report (see attached). These documents are a precondition for the reimbursement.


Non-EU citizens working for EU companies

  • Are eligible to be experts.

Individual Experts:

  • Are eligible to be experts. Should they be employed otherwise during that time, then the expert has to make a declaration that the APP assignment is accepted by his/ her employer to avoid conflict of interests.