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2016-03-04 | Beijing, Shanghai

The European Chamber is pleased to announce that the ‘Private Equity and Strategic M&A Working Group’ has now been converted into an ‘Investment Working Group’, providing a lobbying platform for all European investors in China. 

The Investment WG’s prime objective will continue to be to obtain beneficial change in China’s investment environment for European business in terms of both regulation and access, including via the domestic capital markets. While previously, the focus of the Investment WG has been on investment via M&A, and subsequent divestment, we have now broadened this scope to encompass all kinds of foreign direct and portfolio investment.

With this broadened scope, the Investment WG will speak directly to the systematic concerns of European investors in China. This will be particularly relevant in the light of the ongoing negotiations of the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, the impending new Foreign Investment Law, as well as the whole gamut of issues that China faces in reforming its capital markets.

The Investment WG will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, 23rd March, 16:00 – 18:00 at the European Chamber’s Beijing and Shanghai offices. This meeting will be open for all interested European Chamber members to attend. The meeting will be held in town hall style (with refreshments provided) to allow all attendees maximum opportunity to present their views on the immediate priorities for taking the group forward.

If you are interested in attending the meeting or joining this working group, please contact Mr Max Merkle at

For more information please contact

Max Merkle

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