Business Confidence Survey 2016


The Business Confidence Survey 2016 brings together the input of over 500 senior representatives of the European Chamber’s member companies to provide an annual overview of their performance and outlook from within the Chinese market.

The BCS 2016 reports the views of European Chamber member companies on China’s business and regulatory environment, including the following: 

  • How they are managing the deceleration of economic growth in China and how they view the upcoming two years, a period that many expect to be increasingly challenging. This includes data on plans for cutting costs through 2016, through such measures as headcount reduction.
  • Their views of China’s industrial overcapacity problem, sharing insights that build on the release of our major study from February of this year. 
  • The leading challenges and regulatory barriers that they report facing in China. 
  • Their evaluation of the implementation, to date, of the reform programme outlined in the Third Plenum’s Decision.
  • Their views on the importance and likely effect of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment negotiations and the need for a new landmark development.
  • The state of their R&D operations in China and problems created by issues such as limitations on internet access.

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Business Confidence Survey 2016 - 中国欧盟商会商业信心调查2016
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Business Confidence Survey 2016 South China Analysis - 中国欧盟商会商业信心调查2016华南地区分析报告
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