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The Sourcing Forum was first established in Nanjing in 2008, becoming active in the Pearl River Delta Chapter (now the South China Chapter) in May 2009. The forum is made up of more than 190 members representing various industries. It responds to the interests of European enterprises that source a wide range of products in China as well as purchasing departments of foreign manufacturers in China.

The Sourcing Forum is an event-driven platform that regularly hosts expert speakers to deliver presentations, which are then opened up for interactive discussions. The forum also invites experienced professionals in purchasing operations, quality control and supply chain management to take part in these discussions. The main objective of the forum’s activities is to provide a platform to share experiences and best practices as well as to facilitate business opportunities for companies. The themes of these meetings are decided based on member companies’ interests and evolve around supplier relations, cost forecasts, quality and supply chain best practices, legal tools and strategies, and other related issues.

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